At the origin of the « Brasserie du bout du Monde », there is the dream of one man, Olivier Lallemand, currently heading the brewery. A dream born from his numerous sailor stops around the world that made him discover the diversity and richness of craft beers.

His decision is made, back in Brittany, he will come back to his first love (he used to be a barman in prestigious places) and will set up his own microbrewery. This project will take 3 years of preparation and thinking to gather all the necessary men and skills to develop his beers at his expected level: first choice tasting beers.

And the results are here: after only 4 years of activities, Terenez beers are endorsed in all national and international competitions where they are presented with no less than 30 awards at this time. Gourmets are also amazed and the growth is here, with a production that is four time the one of the starting year.



The Brewery - Our location

Our brewery, « La Brasserie du Bout du Monde », is named from its very specific location at the very end of the western part of European continent. Here we are at the peninsula of Crozon, at the end of Brittany, where land ends and ocean starts.

When we come here, we can already feel its power and we understand that soon it will write the rules. We are at the end of the world… This is here that stand our brewery, in a buried historical site that once was used as ammunition storage.

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